The United States of America

The United States of America

Facts, Analysis, and Strategy

von: Dr. Wenyi Yu

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The US will have a 1-billion population by 2061.
The author believes that an active and open immigration policy is beneficial to the United States in the long run.
The bipartisan duopoly must be broken in order to incubate a more competitive election ecology.
Five hundred regional economy engines (REE) are proposed to be built across the United States to revitalize the community economy.
A New Marshall Plan is recommended to expand the whole-spectrum presence of the US globally.
For the benefits of the people of both the US and China and world peace, the author boldly conceived that the USA and China to form a union to create a trans-Pacific “Pacific Union” by peaceful negotiation, not war.

The author does not consider that the pandemic, protests, mass looting, two-party struggles, vote-counting, Occupying the US Capitol, bias media, economic difficulties, illegal immigration, and international rivals, and so on pose a real threat to the United States. The various “symptoms” that have manifested indicate that the United States is facing an unprecedented, comprehensive transition period. However, the nation has not fully awakened, so it is necessary to have a reminder.

The book has eleven chapters, including (1) The Mirror of History, (2) The United States in 1946, (3) Korean War, Vietnam War, and Star Wars, (4) President Donald John Trump, (5) President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., (6) Cultural transformation, (7) US Economy, (8) US Foreign Affairs in 2020 and Comments, (9) The US during 1944–2020, (10) Strategy, (11) Script: Dreams, and Outlook. There are descriptions of and comments on events in 2020 from brand-new perspectives.

The starting point of the book is to place the interests of the country and the people of the United States first. The book will be a good friend to those who are serious about the future of the United States, whether they are voters, the US presidents, or members of Congress, governors, mayors, members of nonpartisan political organizations, teachers and students in political science, researches in American studies, and anyone who cares about world peace. You will surely get unprecedented inspiration and useful advice from it.

This is the book that deserves every American to read. It will help you in the next forty years.
The United States of America Facts, Analysis, and Strategy is a thought-provoking book that deserves every American to read in the next 40 years.

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