The Age of Capitalism and Bureaucracy

The Age of Capitalism and Bureaucracy

Perspectives on the Political Sociology of Max Weber
1. Aufl.

von: Wolfgang J. Mommsen

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Verlag: Berghahn Books
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Veröffentl.: 11.06.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781800730809
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<p> The historian Wolfgang Mommsen was one of the foremost experts on Max Weber as well as an insightful and accessible interpreter of his work. Mommsen’s classic book, first published in 1974 under the title <em>The Age of Bureaucracy</em>, not only concisely explains the basic concepts underlying Weber’s worldview, but also explores the historical, social, and intellectual contexts in which he operated, including Weber’s development as an academic, his relationship to German nationalism, and his engagement with Marxism. Supplemented with a new foreword, a bibliography that includes recent studies, and a postscript by Volker Berghahn that surveys the most important debates on Weber's work since his death, this short volume serves as an excellent resource for scholars and students alike.</p>
<p> Foreword<br> <em>Volker R. Berghahn</em></p>
<p> Preface to the First Edition<br> List of Abbreviations</p>
<p> <strong>Introduction</strong></p>
<p> <strong>Chapter 1.</strong> The Universal Historian and the Social Scientist<br> <strong>Chapter 2.</strong> The Champion of Nationalist Power Politics and Imperialism<br> <strong>Chapter 3.</strong> The Alternative to Marx: Dynamic Capitalism instead of Bureaucratic Socialism<br> <strong>Chapter 4.</strong> The Theory of the ‘Three Pure Types of Legitimate Domination’ and the Concept of Plebiscitarian Democracy<br> <strong>Chapter 5.</strong> A Liberal in Despair</p>
<p> Postcript<br> <em>Volker R. Berghahn</em></p>
<p> Select Bibliography</p>
<p> <strong>Wolfgang J. Mommsen</strong> (1930–2004) was Professor of History at the University of Düsseldorf and long-term Director of the German Historical Institute, London.</p>

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