St James' Fair

St James' Fair

von: Elisabeth McNeill, Angela Ness

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Verlag: Saga Egmont Hörbuch
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Veröffentl.: 05.07.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9788726869538
Sprache: englisch

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When a chance for freedom arrives will she dare to take it?Odilie Rutherford is known in the small Scottish town of Lauriston for two things – her beauty, and her father, Canny. As a self-made man, Canny has the wealth he dreamed of but not the status and hatches a plan to marry his daughter to local bachelor of note, the Duke of Maudesley. Yet Odilie cannot bear the thought of a life with the ill-mannered Duke, and when the annual summer fair arrives in town for three days she seizes a chance to enjoy the freedom she craves. But as the carnival atmosphere fills the town, Odilie will find her life changes in ways she could never have imagined.A captivating Scottish saga perfect for fans of Tessa Barclay and Val Wood.-
Elisabeth McNeill is a long-established freelance journalist and broadcaster who has written five non-fiction books and 26 novels. She now lives with a miniature dachshund, who thinks he is a Great Dane, in the oldest inhabited village on the Scottish borders, where she spent most of her school days.

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