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Barcelona, 1963. Professor at the CETT-University of Barcelona Hospitality and Tourism School, director of research and director of the Official University Master’s Degree in Innovation in Tourism Management.

An expert in marketing, heritage and cultural tourism, in recent years he has specialised in tourism and cinema. He has headed several projects about film tourism, including Barcelona Movie (2008), the first initiative in Barcelona for cultural tourism based on films, and Horta-Guinardó de Cinema (2013), an innovative project that has made this district of Barcelona the first to include cinema in its promotional plan for culture and tourism.

He has published a number of film tourism guides to cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Venice for smartphone and tablet. In 2013 he published the book Barcelona Movie Walks, available in English, Spanish and Catalan. It is the first guide to Barcelona to focus on the cinema.

For Toto, for his sincere and lucid comments that have helped to make this book even better.




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