Cover: Gerrymandering by Stephen K. Medvic


The Politics of Redistricting in the United States

Stephen K. Medvic



Writing this book was made significantly more pleasurable because of the professionalism and good humor of the entire Polity team. I thank Louise Knight for her support of the project and for her patience when I fell behind schedule (which, sadly, happened more than once). I had the good fortune to work with three outstanding editorial assistants: Nekane Tanaka Galdos, Sophie Wright, and, especially, Inès Boxman, who was on board for most of the time I was writing. Her periodic check-ins served as gentle, but effective, nudges to keep my nose to the grindstone. The production process, overseen by Neil de Cort, was efficient and, from my perspective at least, seamless. Ian Tuttle did a fantastic job of copy-editing the manuscript and saved me from more than one embarrassing mistake.

I owe the greatest debt of gratitude to my wife, Laura. As I worked on this book, I was constantly inspired by the grace with which she handles her work as Registrar of Franklin & Marshall College, the graduate classes she’s taking, and all the other responsibilities she has on her plate. Her energy is infectious and I can’t imagine facing life’s challenges without her love and encouragement.