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In the whole universe consciousness and sensitivity

is the theme of the Divine Plan.

Three times the call goes out to the pilgrim on the path of life:

"Recognise yourself"

"Recognise the Self"

"Recognise the One"

Djwhal Khul


One of the most significant developments of the last century is certainly psychology which has fundamentally transformed understanding and communication between humans. Thanks to Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, we have discovered that the physical body is influenced by a person's subconscious and psychic nature. Since then we have learned that the subconscious mind massively interferes with our daily consciousness through suppressed desires, psychological reactions such as fears, frustrations, complexes, neuroses and even psychoses, and can cause conflicts, problems and psychosomatic illnesses.

This eminently important discovery for mankind, that our psyche influences our physical condition, has completely changed our attitude to life. We are increasingly gaining an understanding that our life is not only influenced by outside impulses and that happiness or a fulfilled life can only be achieved by harmonising with others and ourselves. At the same time, there is a trend towards a stronger individualisation, which makes people strive to express their real self instead of living in conformity to others' life concepts. During the last decades, this desire for self-realisation and self-consciousness – a clear trend of our time – led to the development of a "therapy scene", which not only treated psychological disturbances and illnesses, but also looked for ways of self-awareness and self-realisation. The therapeutical methods practised today are diverse, ranging from classical psychoanalysis and analytical psychology to primary or conversational therapy, psychodrama, family constellations, NLP and many others. What they all have in common is the attempt to eliminate disturbances and conflicts with oneself and the environment in order to achieve greater satisfaction and self-acceptance. This brief enumeration of some therapeutic methods is by no means exhaustive. It is only meant to indicate how quickly the relatively recent discovery of the psyche has changed our entire life and thinking. Psychology has become an integral part of modern life because it forms the basis for understanding the behaviour of humans and animals. It has gained an outstanding importance in our social life, starting with medicine, education, economy, advertising, stock exchange etc. up to competitive sports, in which athletes are trimmed for success through psychological training. Because psychology has brought us the basic knowledge that we have access to our subconscious and the ability to reprogramme it by our own power of thought in order to change our behaviour and reactions. But there is one thing that traditional psychology still lacks today: the full understanding of the human soul and the knowledge of the cosmic laws our spiritual development is subject to.

Therefore it seems to be the right time to present a "psychology of the soul", which includes the spiritual dimension of man. This term is superficially seen as a tautology, but in truth it is not. Traditional psychology does not yet understand the real nature of the soul. The emphasis is still on the subconscious, the feelings and emotions or traumatic experiences, by which means the real purpose of life cannot be revealed. There are, of course, some transpersonal psychologists who have tried to include the spiritual dimension of man in their work, but the laws of the soul have not yet been clearly recognised and defined. Hence the soul is still a vague idea in traditional psychology, the numinous or the unconscious as C.G. Jung has called it, and the difference between the psyche and the spiritual soul is not generally known.

But there is Ageless Wisdom kept in the scriptures of the East through thousands of years. In these scriptures we find a deep knowledge on the nature of the soul, its path of development and the psychological entanglements resulting from the fact that man lives in two spheres of life: physical and spiritual. These two spheres must be brought together and harmoniously united in the psyche in order to achieve inner peace and true self-consciousness. Only then will we be able to realise that we are part of a cosmic energy field, which influences a person's consciousness and actions. This cosmic energy field, the "spiritual environment" in which we live as a being of manifold energies, forms the background for the evolving human consciousness, the psyche and the body. And as long as psychology does not include into its system the knowledge on the underlying cosmic energies and forces that govern life, we will not be able to understand the real human nature.

I have gained this insight during my 35 years of experience as an alternative practitioner, astrologer and seminar leader, which has given me a deep understanding of the human psyche. The question of the meaning of life has been in my mind from my earliest youth and I have not found an answer in religion or philosophy, but only through the study of Ageless Wisdom that has been handed down through the Eastern spiritual tradition. However, Eastern wisdom teachings have been conveyed in a rather mystical way which is not that easy to grasp by the western intellectual mind.

The psychology of the soul, therefore, strives for a synthesis between modern psychological knowledge and Ageless Wisdom. It explains to us the laws and principles of divine life, which human life is subject to. For the soul should now gradually come into the focus of research because the limits of materialism have been reached and the consciousness of mankind is increasingly opening up to the inner world. Only when psychology begins to explore the source of consciousness, will it be able to develop into a science of the soul. And this source of consciousness lies – as Ageless Wisdom teaches – in the Seven Rays, the cosmic archetypes which shape all events of the world, the nature and the human psyche. This knowledge is not new: we find coded clues from ancient philosophers like Plato, Plotinus and others. But then it seemed to be forgotten until Alice A. Bailey published an extensive work on Esoteric Psychology at the beginning of the twentieth century, which was telepathically transmitted to her by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul. There are few, however, who have dealt with the very complex theme of the Seven Rays since then, and this knowledge has received little attention in psychology. While renowned psychologists have fortunately already integrated astrology into their work, only a few have dealt with the Seven Rays, even though they influence man on an even deeper level.

The Seven Rays are the foundation of Spiritual Psychology, which explains to us the "true ego" of man as an integral part of a cosmic evolving process. It regards the entire universe as a unit of life which, through the consciousness of an all-pervading creative power, creates an immeasurable multitude of individual lives. They all follow a sevenfold order of development, but go through the experience of diverse individual lifetimes, only to merge again with the greater whole at a final state. And this path from Oneness – via a septenate of energies – into the diversity of forms, which every human being passes through, is described in spiritual psychology. It shows us the stages of spiritual awakening as well as the final purpose of human development. Thus we are able to realise who we really are: a being of light and love that inhabits a physical body and evolves during many reincarnations to be an accomplished human being, fully aware of their inner spiritual nature.

And for this complex and highly fascinating psychology of the soul, which is based on the knowledge of the Seven Rays, I would like to arouse your interest. Let's start to consider our life on Earth from a soul perspective and as a journey of consciousness on the "wheel of life", called the zodiac. This zodiac symbolises our life sphere in space and time in which our experiences take place. In its symbolism it contains the secret of our spiritual development and shows us the purpose of life on Earth. If we study symbolism, the language of esotericism, we will discover that life is One and that everything is wisely organised according to a "Divine Plan", within the framework of which we have a greater freedom as soon as we recognise and understand the cosmic laws. Our consciousness is wider and greater than we generally assume. We ourselves have set the limits by our own thinking and convictions, which are hindering us and restricting our spiritual freedom. So, let's wake up from our dreams of physical limitations and become conscious pilgrims on the "path of life" through increasing awareness of our true being, which is light and love. In this way we will become conscious co-creators of our lives, instead of indulging to the illusion of being a victim of life, circumstances and childhood experiences, which in truth we never are.

Spiritual psychology will shed light on the ancient problem: Who is man and what is his true being? This question is being asked today by more and more people who are increasingly turning away from the over-emphasis on external phenomena and looking inwards in search of themselves and their spiritual home. My book is dedicated to these seekers of truth. It is a guide to understand the path of the soul and to look at one's own life from a new perspective. It can help us to understand life as an adventure of consciousness that reaches far beyond a lifetime. Thus, death proves to be an illusion and life on Earth appears as a path of light experience leading each individual step by step in his own time from an isolated consciousness back into the Oneness of Life.





The soul is – as Ageless Wisdom teaches – the consciousness and origin of every form of life. It is the soul that creates the manifold, endlessly changing forms by surrounding itself with changing bodies. There is no life form on Earth that would be uninspired, for every form, from the smallest physical atom to the most highly developed human being, is an expression of the soul which – depending on the stage of development – reveals itself in very different ways. It is the soul that gives each form its quality, its peculiarity and its radiance. It is inherent in man, but also in every plant, every animal and every mineral because it is the embodiment of divine life in matter.

But as long as our consciousness is directed towards the material form and our thinking does not grasp the spiritual levels, the soul remains a vague, mystical idea that receives little attention in the reality of our everyday life. The interest today is still mainly directed towards the body, the exterior, the material, and the soul is as yet an unexplored area of man and nature, to which science denies its attention and which is not subject to teaching in schools and universities. But we need the vision of the soul to make it a fact in our daily lives. Only then will we know who we really are and be able to live a self-conscious and self-determined life, free from external influences. Because it is the soul that guides our life from the inside; everything happens for the sake of the soul, which is our inner master. It knows the goal of enlightenment from the very beginning and it determines the path that a person unconsciously or consciously follows in life.

If humanity opens its mind to the soul level, it will gain a completely new view of man's nature, which is love and light. Until now, these traits of the human nature have only been fully revealed by few awakened souls that have lived on Earth at all times. Humanity has regarded them as exceptional phenomena, as saints, geniuses or supermen, but they were only awakened souls expressing their expanded consciousness.

But love, our true nature is not yet so easy to realise in our everyday life because it is veiled by a personality striving for happiness in many different ways. We want to be loved, we are searching for love in partnerships, in our circle of friends, in our profession, and yet on this level love is probably the most difficult thing to achieve permanently, especially in today's world. And when we lose it again and feel unloved, we lose our security, fear obscures our feelings and determines our decisions. So, we cling to a supposed security that our family, jobs, success, money or material joys seem to provide only to be torn out of our security from time to time by external circumstances. And why is this happening to us?

Ageless Wisdom teaches that the soul initiates all our experiences in this physical world. It brings us into existence and leaves the body when it no longer serves the intended goal. It is the soul that gives us our individuality, our uniqueness, our radiance and our consciousness. But why are we generally not aware of the soul, our true self?

There is a gap in our consciousness between the material and the spiritual world which the soul has to close. The soul, a being of love and light that was sent – as the myth of Lucifer tells us – into the world to bring light into the darkness. But Lucifer1, the symbol of our light being, got too much attracted by material pleasures. He lost his way in the labyrinth of the world and is still searching for the exit that leads back to the realm of souls. And this path into light is the subject of the traditional yoga systems of the East.

If we want to bring light into our earthly existence, it is necessary to turn our focus to the source that underlies our life stream and to explore our true nature, which is much greater and more comprehensive than we have known so far. For man is a multidimensional being as part of a larger whole. He is a "god walking on earth", but still deeply hidden in the confinement of his body shells, waiting patiently to be discovered. And this discovery of the latent divinity of our being happens slowly and naturally through evolution, but it can be accelerated by opening our mind to the soul level. We need a vision of the soul and the knowledge of the spiritual worlds to be able to bring more light and love into our daily life and to realise who we really are.

1 The equation with the devil is esoterically false. The name Lucifer predates the Catholic church and was always used in ancient wisdom teachings for Venus, the brilliant morning star, the light-bringer until pope Gregory the Great (540 – 604 A.D.) twisted a positive term into its opposite. Since then, Lucifer and Satan have come to be viewed by the church as synonymous terms. Unfortunately, the false association of the term Lucifer by the dark forces has led until today to the defamation of H. P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey as being on the dark side, only because they used the term Lucifer in the right original meaning as the light-bringer or as H.P. Blavatsky put it "Lucifer – the spirit of Intellectual Enlightenment and Freedom of Thought".


If we want to understand the human nature, the question of the origin of life comes up, the primordial question of mankind to which philosophy, religion and science have equally tried to give their answer.

What is life? This question will remain unanswered for a long time because science has so far been limited to the visible part of life. It has explored the nature of the physical world, the bodies of all living beings, and has discovered the laws of nature that govern physical life on our planet. But life, the spirit or the breath that enters the physical body at birth and passes away at death, has not yet been the subject of research, as it touches on the question of the divine which science deliberately ignores.

Religion, on the other hand, assumes that there exists a Primordial Creator of our universe whose will and love govern all physical life. But its viewpoint is on faith to a non-visible, mystical world, which does not necessarily correspond to the rational thinking of science. Consequently science and religion have gone separate ways in modern times.

Philosophy tries to expand the human mind into the non-visual realms of existence by studying the universal principles of creation which are reflected in the human nature and the universe as a whole. But today – in contrast to antiquity – it remains too much in the material speculative because the spiritual principles of life, the universal laws and their physical effects are hardly understood in a holistic context.

There is actually a gap between the spiritual and the physical world in the consciousness of humanity because thinking is largely rational, focused on the material world, and the question of the Divine is regarded as a matter of faith. God seems far away, a human myth that has little to do with science as it is not rationally provable. But is it really that simple? Can knowledge that is intended to explain the world and man's nature be limited to the physical level?

If we ask about the origin of the world, we are confronted with two conceptions, the Big Bang theory of science and the creation myths of different cultures and religions. And those who consider themselves scientifically enlightened will immediately dismiss these myths as completely unrealistic fantasies. But is there really a scientific proof for the Big Bang theory or is it not as mystical as all creation myths of the world? What is the truth behind the word mythology?

The term mythology, deriving from Greek contains two opposite ideas. Logos, a term that stands for the logical, the real, and mythos as the epitome of the unreal, the fairy-tale, the fantastic. In Sanskrit language, the idea of mythos and logos forms a pair (Avaroha and Aroha), which means "word in the sense of information". Here, however, a distinction is made between the information that is passed down, the "knowledge revealed from above" (mythos) and the "knowledge rising up" (logos). And only when these two kinds of knowledge come together does truth become discernible. If only the logos rules, the world is merely seen as an object, and if the mythos prevails, there is the danger of superstition, since allegorical texts are all too literally understood.

So it can only be the synthesis of myth and logos, which leads to the truth because only in this way revealed knowledge (i.e. the Vedas) can be understood in its symbolism, which contains a deep knowledge on the underlying principles of spiritual dimensions. Only if we understand the source of life and its laws, will we begin to understand the reality which is still deeply hidden behind the veil of our illusionary perception. We accept so much that seems scientifically proven for a certain time, only to discover that we were mistaken. But does this suggest that ultimate truth, real knowledge is not available? Not at all! But real knowledge can never result from the mere observation of the physical world. Realistic research of life needs a point of reference that is based on the absolute which manifests itself through the universe. Real knowledge can only be gained by establishing a relationship between the Divine, the absolute, the infinite, the eternal and the transitory, the relative that has come into physical existence as a reflection of the spiritual eternal principles.

Ageless Wisdom, therefore, can be seen as the synthesis of mythos and logos. It has been guarded through thousands of years by initiates of all times and forms the esoteric core of the different Holy Scriptures. The most ancient are the Vedas, which can be regarded as the source of all later Holy Scriptures of world religions. For this reason, we find similar creation myths in different religious texts, which are merely an adapted version corresponding to the cultural era with its respective historical and geographical conditions. Hence Holy Scriptures will only convey truth, when we realise that the true spiritual meaning has always been transmitted in a symbolic language. The mythical stories serve as illustrations; they veil the real knowledge which at all times was only revealed to those who were initiated into the mysteries. If we want to understand the Old Testament in its esoteric sense, we need the Kabbalistic key, which is not publicly known because modern theology has also followed the exoteric trail.

And science will only discover the real meaning of life if it includes the metaphysical in its research, which is just as real as what our five senses can perceive. True knowledge cannot be gained as long as the belief prevails that knowledge is exclusively rational and that every other way of perception is uncertain, speculative and unprovable. As long as the primacy of science is regarded as absolute and all spiritual knowledge is suppressed from public recognition, human consciousness will be limited. We will not be able to comprehend the true origin of life because complicated models of thought obscure the view of reality, which can only be recognised if life is considered as a whole.

Real comprehension of the world cannot be reached by exoteric means. When we look back on our school days, on all the facts we had to learn, we know the phenomena of the world down to the tiniest detail, we have named and catalogued them according to measure and number, but what do we know about the meaning of life and ourselves? True knowledge that reveals the meaning of life will only be achieved when science, philosophy and religion are no longer understood as separate disciplines and when exoteric and esoteric knowledge are combined.

But is there a source of truth that is free from speculation, subjective opinions and beliefs?

Exoteric and esoteric knowledge have existed at all times. However, esoteric knowledge was not generally available to the public. It was transmitted in a symbolic language whose keys were secret and only revealed to the initiates of ancient times. For true knowledge, which includes the laws of creation, gives man magical powers, and the danger of abuse of such powers was present at all times. For this reason, great initiates of antiquity such as Pythagoras, Jesus, Socrates and others have not written books, and even if they have, such as Plato, the stories are so encoded and symbolic that only initiates can understand them. This is the explanation for an often misunderstood saying of Jesus:

"Do not give that which is holy to the dogs, or put your jewels before pigs, for fear that they will be crushed under foot by the pigs whose attack will then be made against you."

Matthew 7,6

But today humanity is on the verge of a new era, where some of the hitherto strictly guarded secrets of the spiritual dimensions have been revealed and given us the keys to the interpretation of the symbolic scriptures and wisdom books of the world.

The first publication in this direction in the nineteenth century was the Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky, which became the basis of the Theosophical Society, to which Rudolf Steiner was also associated until he split from it to found his own organisation, the Anthroposophical Society. This Secret Doctrine conveys a profound understanding of the true origin of the cosmos and man and the basic principles of esotericism.

In the twentieth century, Alice A. Bailey (A.A.B.) gave mankind a further, very comprehensive work of Ageless Wisdom, which she has received through telepathic transmission of the initiate Djwhal Khul (D.K.), who is generally known as "the Tibetan". Her 25-volume work incorporates the knowledge of the secret doctrine, and additionally introduces an Esoteric Psychology based on the Seven Rays.

Through these publications it is possible for seekers of truth to acquire a reliable esoteric knowledge without entering into a master-disciple relationship, as has been customary up to now in Eastern spiritual tradition. But these extensive books on deep spiritual knowledge are very complex and not easy to read and understand. Therefore they have not reached a wide recognition in spiritual groups.

Although we see today a growing interest in the supernatural because more and more people feel that the rational explanation of the world is not sufficient for life, it is not easy to meet people with authentic esoteric knowledge. Esotericism has acquired a bad reputation in recent times in intellectual circles. This is due to a growing market for esotericism offering many things that are highly speculative, full of delusion and superstition, since only few take the trouble to research esotericism scientifically. Thus, at a time of prevailing economic interests, esotericism – like everything else in the world – has its downsides. An abundance of pseudo-esoteric books is flooding the market, which does not offer intellectual, critical-thinking people sufficiently well-founded facts. Various channelled messages are passed on gullibly and without examination, while unnumbered health products are offered on esoteric markets, showing of course only the exoteric side of esotericism. Hence many scientists and the majority of intellectual thinkers reject esotericism in all its forms because it seems to lack any reason. But is it really that simple?


True esotericism is by no means something mystical or a matter of faith. It is the knowledge of the hidden energies and forces lying behind all phenomena of the exterior world. It reaches much deeper and is much more scientific and serious than generally thought.

Esotericism is essentially the science of the soul which penetrates all physical forms as universal consciousness. The soul is the animating force in nature and on the non-visible planes of existence. These non-visible dimensions are subtle light worlds in contrast to the gross physical world which our scientists so far regard as the only existing reality.

These light worlds consist – as esotericism teaches – of a multitude of energies which are manifold and extraordinarily complex, but nevertheless well-ordered and directed by cosmic laws, which are the manifestation of the "Divine Will".

The Law of Cause and Effect – connected with the Law of Rebirth – is the fundamental law of creation.

The Law of Rebirth is a superordinate natural law that applies to all life in our solar system. It sets the process of evolution in motion, in the course of which all life forms are constantly refined through progressive development. Death and rebirth, the construction of a form and its repeating destruction are necessary to ensure development because no physical form is yet the perfect manifestation of the divine intention.

The Law of Rebirth furthers the development from the crude forms of thoughtless materialism to spiritual perfection. The faith in reincarnation which causes the evolution of nature, as well as human's consciousness, forms the basis of the esoteric world view.

Consequently, the first basic principle of esotericism is:

"As you sow, so you reap."

Gospel of John 4,36

This statement, conveyed in Eastern terminology under the term of "karma", is the first important esoteric truth, which has to be understood because it is the foundation of the spiritual evolution on Earth.

The second basic principle of esotericism is:

"As above, so below."

There is a hidden world of energies and forces called the causal world or world of meaning creating and influencing the physical life on Earth. This causal world lying behind the visible world of appearances is the source from which all life forms are emanating as a reflection of the spiritual on the lower plane of existence.

Hence, reality cannot be grasped by linear thinking, but only by the law of correspondences. The basis of esoteric thinking is the realisation that the macrocosm and the microcosm are always analogous principles. The solar system has its equivalent in the smallest atom, and man stands as mediator between the two. For he has the ability to project himself on both levels because he unites spirit and matter in himself. And when he finally realises that the physical world and his psychic inner world are only a reflection of the cosmic archetypes, he becomes aware of his own spiritual meaning for the first time.

An esoteric therefore is a person who turns his focus away from the form side of life in order to discover the source that produces all life forms. He has to develop in himself a sensitive receptivity to the inner quality of the variety of forms on the different levels of existence, until he finally reaches the quality of the ONE LIFE that animates our planet, in the energy field of which "we live, move and have our existence".

An esoteric is not only following spiritual or metaphysical ideas, but he is dealing with matter as well. He is researching the living, vibrating light substance of which the worlds consist. This light substance was known as ether in antiquity and is called prana or chi in Eastern terminology. This ether or light energy is the substance all worlds are made of and which is completely penetrating and animating the gross physical matter.

"All things came into existence through him, and without him nothing was."

Gospel of John 1,3

An esoteric is a being who seeks to perceive and differentiate this etheric substance in its various degrees of brightness. And by getting involved with it, he becomes sensitive to the different levels of vibration that exist on our Earth, but also to the higher spiritual energies and forces shaping his consciousness. And when he finally succeeds in bringing these higher vibrating energies into a plausible context, he slowly begins to discover that the outer events of his life correspond to his inner moods and that they are never independent from his own thoughts.

And this is the third important principle of esotericism:

"Energy follows thought."

All energies flowing from the causal world into our visible world of appearance are directed by the power of thought, which can be focused on lower or higher planes. If we want to give our life a new direction, thinking is the most important starting point because "the way we think in our heart, so we are." If we change our attitudes and our thought patterns, our life changes as well.

Hence we are in fact "the architect of our own future" because we are creating the causes which will have their effects in future lives. This responsibility results from the fact that our soul reaches its perfection through countless rebirths in which we sow causes, the effects of which we subsequently harvest.

But where can we find a guideline for our thinking if we want to change our lives and our world?

In the Western world there is no spiritual tradition because faith and knowledge have gone separate ways. The spiritual laws have not been taught to us in the last 2,000 years, and the focus of young adolescents has been directed to the exterior world without the possibility of understanding the spiritual causes behind the physical events. In order to achieve a fundamental change in life, we have to exceed the limited view on the apparent chaos of the physical world and gain a holistic knowledge on the inner meaning of life. This knowledge is available to man, but it can only be attained by esoteric means because it has to extend to the visible and non-visible planes of life that are one.

Esotericism therefore is not a matter of faith! It is the science of life revealing to man his true abilities, his spiritual dimension and his real destiny. It brings into our focus the causal energies and forces which create the phenomena of our physical world. And as soon as we have recognised and perceived these subtle worlds, a new perspective of life opens up for us. For we begin to understand that events, circumstances and experiences of any kind are nothing but the reflection of what is happening in the inner worlds. Thus our consciousness slowly shifts into the world of causes, and when this has become a daily practice, we will also recognise that spirit dominates matter and that the outer events are controlled by inner forces.

The basis of esotericism is the fundamental realisation that there is only One Primeval Life which manifests itself through division and differentiation in a diverse world of forms. Hence the diversity of forms can never be independent, but is always in relation to the primordial force of life, which follows the same order in the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Truth can, therefore, only be achieved by the Law of Correspondence, which means that the basic principles of life can equally be found on every plane of existence, spiritual and material.





Who God really is, what his plan and intentions are in relation to the whole, is beyond our limited perception, and to speculate about it would be completely pointless. But God reveals Himself in the world through divine qualities and attributes. And because these are repeated on every level of the material world, it is quite possible to understand the principles of His creation as well as the limited purpose of a particular epoch.

Ageless Wisdom teaches us to regard God as the central creative force far from our world and beyond our solar system, which fills the cosmic space with life in a first creative act. And as a result of this first union of Life and Space, the Soul of the Universe is born, appearing as the magnetic force of love.

Divine life manifests itself always as a Trinity: Spirit – Soul – Matter

And the soul is the Divine Consciousness in matter, which causes constant evolution and can be regarded as the origin of every life form. It is the soul that fills the entire universe with consciousness and – in the course of the eternally procreating life – creates innumerable, manifold life forms repeating the divine process of creation on a smaller scale. And these smaller life forms within the All-One Divine Consciousness have their own restricted individual consciousness, which unites all the smaller life forms within their own sphere of consciousness.

God – in its absolute meaning – is the "All-encompassing One Life", which is manifested in the entire visible universe, and His being is immanent in every life form of this universe down to the smallest atom. Human consciousness is not yet able to grasp this all-encompassing life, but within the One Divine Life there is a hierarchy of individual units of consciousness that can be regarded as gods for a smaller sphere of life.

Each solar system can be regarded as God for all life forms living within that sphere because they are subordinated to the solar rhythm.

Each planet can also be regarded as God on a smaller scale, for all living beings on Earth are an integrated part of that greater sphere of consciousness.

And man, "made in the image of God", repeats this eternal process of primordial creation on his level. He is also a threefold being: Spirit – Soul – Body. And in his second aspect, that of the soul, he appears as an individual unity. He too is a "smaller god" for the cells of his body that are functioning in the rhythm of his consciousness.

God can, therefore, be regarded as the respective greater "Unity of Life", which is actually perceptible to our own consciousness. And due to the fact that the expansion of our perceptive faculty develops only slowly and gradually, there have been very different ways of worshipping the divine in the history of mankind because religions are always time-bound revelations of a partial truth that corresponds to the respective level of consciousness. True knowledge of God will gradually become possible if we expand our consciousness beyond the world of physical appearance and try to grasp the greater unity in which we are contained as an integral smaller part.

For humanity, the Creator God is actually the "Logos of the Earth" or the One Life that directs all planetary life forms because it is the vibrating energy body of the Earth in which we "live, weave and are", as the Bible expresses it.

Only much later in time will we be able to grasp the consciousness of the solar system in which the God of our planet "lives, weaves and has his being".

"The highest realisation of what is termed the One Life is the awareness (of the initiate of high degree) of the embodied Logos, of Deity, and his identification with the consciousness of that stupendous Creator Who is seeking expression through the medium of the solar system. "

Alice A. Bailey: Esoteric Psychology Vol. I

The highest knowledge of the Creator God is therefore only possible for us within the confines of our solar system because our perception will be limited to this sphere for a long time to come. But we do not have to wait until our consciousness has developed as far. For God reveals Himself in the movement of life in our solar system, in which all smaller systems have their being and develop. The sun with its surrounding planets sets the great rhythm of life, which directs and determines all smaller rhythms down to the atomic world. And this rhythm is conveying to us the "Plan of Life" or the will of God to which all life forms are subordinated. For this reason esoteric astrology has always been part of ancient religions and mysteries which taught man the laws of divine life.

But in modern times the esoteric knowledge has been lost and led to the creation of different combatting religions which are based on dogmatic faith. These religions are the main reason for wars and have to die out in the course of the coming Age of Aquarius, which is the age of enlightenment. Mankind, therefore, needs a new way of understanding the divine that has its roots not only in faith but also in man's ability to think. For the divine can only be experienced in one's own soul through gradual self-knowledge, by extending ourselves beyond the little self and realising that we are part of a greater life.

Through a gradually developing light-consciousness, humanity will realise that all religions are time-bound conceptions of the same creative source.

Humanity has always pursued two ideas in its efforts to experience God:

  1. The idea of a transcendent God who is far beyond and outside of us. This is the basic idea of all monotheistic religions, including Christianity.
  2. The idea of an immanent God. It is based on the assumption that we are part of the divine and that God can be discovered and developed through self-realisation within ourselves. This idea is the basis of Buddhism.

Both ideas correspond to reality. They are the two sides of a coin, and in combining them, we will come a little closer to the truth of divine existence. God is all that is and therefore always greater than a part of the divine. God as an absolute principle is always outside of us, namely transcendent. But since every living form is a part of God himself, the divine is also present in every aspect of life including the human being. Thus, every human being is able to unfold divinity out of himself through spiritual development.

In the psychology of the soul these two concepts of God find their synthesis:

God is in us, so he is immanent. But in his absolute manifestation he is at the same time embodied in the whole universe and thus outside of us because our consciousness cannot yet perceive the totality.

"Having penetrated the entire universe with a fraction of my self, I remain in equal abundance."

Bhagavad Gita

Hence man "created in the image of God" is a smaller god walking on Earth but still completely veiled and undiscovered as long as his consciousness is identified with the form of nature. But in the course of time, this divine nature immanent in man will reach perfection to the extent that he discovers himself beyond his physical senses as the "Divine I Am", which is the final goal of spiritual development. And this goal will be gradually gained through self-recognition, self-consciousness and self-knowledge. In this context we should remember the words that stood above the entrance to the Apollo Temple in Delphi: "Man recognise thyself" and in the interior of the temple, only readable for those who were allowed to enter: "and you will recognise God".

Hence the path to God-knowledge is a path of gradual expansion of consciousness from a small, relatively limited selfhood to a greater selfhood, each of which is part of an even greater self-consciousness, to the unimaginable absolute self, the all-embracing consciousness of our entire universe.


Ageless Wisdom teaches that the space – as the embodiment of divine life – is an Entity. It consists of a single substance, the ether of space2, which manifests in different vibrations. The ether, from which all living things are formed, is a matter of light which holds all parts of the universe together and fills them with life. It is the carrier medium for the constant exchange of energies and forces which are in perpetual motion and are all obeying a higher superior rhythm which connects them into a greater whole.

Esotericism, therefore, regards the space as a gigantic field of light in which and through which energies and forces from many creative sources work. It assumes that it connects universes, constellations, our solar system and the associated planets with each other and makes them function according to a uniform rhythm. It even assumes a connection between the most distant celestial body of the universe and the smallest life form on Earth, the atom because the etheric space is regarded as a huge, immeasurable, single energy space in which every form – from the solar system to the atom – has its fixed place.

"... this etheric body of the Entity, Space, is the recipient of many types of informing and penetrating energies, and it is also the field for the intelligent activity of the indwelling Lives of the Universe, of the many constellations, of the distant stars, of our solar system, of the planets within the system, and of all that constitutes the sum total of these separated living forms. The factor which relates them is consciousness and nothing else, and the field of conscious awareness is created through the interplay of all living intelligent forms within the area of the etheric body of that great Life which we call SPACE."

A.A.B.: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle

The factor that connects all these forms is exclusively consciousness, and this consciousness is created by the interaction of all living, intelligent forms within the etheric body of that great Entity which animates the world space and fills it with life.

Hence Life flowing through all visible bodies and animating the whole space is only ONE LIFE.

But every form in the uniform etheric field – solar system, planet, human being, animal, plant, atom – has its own etheric body within the universal space, which serves as a focal point for the concentration of energies. Thus everything is connected with each other and animated by the One Life that flows through all visible bodies. Everything in this world is alive, but this One Life is limited in space and time by the quality of consciousness and the temporally-different stages of awareness of the various life forms, which are always part of a larger Life unit.

For all living creatures on Earth our Solar System is the greater unity of Divine life. We are an integral part in its field of consciousness. Thus the Divine Plan can be grasped by us, if we gain an understanding of the manifold qualifying energies working through the etheric field of the solar system.

"The vital forces, which are simply the passing through the outer sheath of the constantly moving ether of space, are of many kinds. One of the concepts, lying back of the astrological theories, is that the etheric body of any form constitutes part of the etheric body of the solar system, and is therefore the medium for the transmission of solar energies, of planetary forces, and of extra-solar or cosmic impulses, esoterically called 'breaths'. These forces and energies of the cosmic rays are constantly circulating and following definite paths through the ether of space in all parts, and are therefore constantly passing through the etheric bodies of every exoteric form. This is a basic truth and must be carefully borne in mind, for its implications are many and varied; but all lead back to the idea of unity, and of the Oneness of all manifestation, only to be known and realised on the subjective side."

A.A.B.: A Treatise on White Magic The etheric light space of our solar system, which is inseparably connected to the entire universe, forms the greater rhythm of life for all smaller units of consciousness; they are all vibrating in resonance with the great "breath of life," which we call God. All planets and smaller life forms within a solar system are subject to this great life impulse, the will-to-be. They follow His rhythm, directing like a cosmic clock all life forms in His sphere of influence.

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