Marine Resource Damage Assessment

Marine Resource Damage Assessment

Liability and Compensation for Environmental Damage

von: F. Maes

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<P>The main focus of this important book is on civil liability regimes to compensate for ecological/environmental damage, the impact of EC decision-making on the international regime for oil pollution damage, the use of environmental funds in this respect, the economic valuation of damage to the environment from a theoretical perspective and the application of the Contingent Valuation Method in Belgium for ecological damage at sea. </P>
Prof. Dr. FRANK MAES Department of Public International Law & Maritime Institute Ghent University, Belgium Universiteitstraat 6, B – Ghent, Tel. : + 32 9 264 68 95, Fax: + 32 9 264 69 89 E-mail: Frank. Maes@UGent. be The contributions to this book are partly the output of a research project conducted between 1998 and 2002 in Belgium and a conference held at the Ghent University, Belgium, in June 2003 on the topic “Marine Resource Damage Assessment and Compensation for Environmental Damage” (MARE-DASM). The Belgian Federal Science Policy sponsored both the research and the conference. MARE-DASM research focused on: (i) the estimation and distribution of marine contaminants in order to assess their long term effects (ecotoxicology); (ii) the integration of these result into a Biological Effects SubModel and a mathematical model assessing the risks associated with accidental spillage of oil at sea and the damage this can cause (modelling); (iii) the assessment of the willingness to pay for ecological damage, based on the Contingent Valuation Method (economics); (iv) the development and evaluation of measures to be taken in order to guarantee a sustainable use of the Belgian part of the North Sea, taking into account the economic and social interests and values (social economics); (v) the potential to develop technical and legal procedures that allow ecological damage to the marine environment to be evaluated and compensated, taking into account constraints in national and international liability legislation (legal).
Part I. Legal Aspects of Environmental Damage. 1. Estimating damages under the 2004 EC Directive on Environmental Liability; Edward H.P. Brans. 2. Environmental Damage and Belgian Law; Laurent Proot, Hubert Bocken. 3. Compensation for Ecological Damage and Latvian Law; Laila Medin.
Part II. International and Regional Funds for Compensation for Damage to the Marine Environment. 1. Scope of Compensation for Environmental Damage Under the1992 Civil Liability Convention and the 1992 Fund Convention; Joe Nichols. 2. The Canadian SSOP Fund And Environmental Damage Assessment (EDA) in Canada; Ken A. Mac Innis. 3. The Impact of EC Decision-making on the International Regime for Oil Pollution Damage: the Supplementary Fund Example; Gwendoline Gonsaeles.
Part III. Economic Valuation of Damage to the Marine Environment. 1. Economic Assessment of marine Quality Benefits: Applying the use of Non-market Valuation Methods; Paulo A.L.D. Nunes & Arianne T. De Blaeij. 2. A Contingent Valuation Study of an Accidental Oil Spill along The Belgian Coast; Karl Van Biervliet, Dirk Le Roy & Paulo A.L.D. Nunes.
Part IV. Trade-off Between Environmental and Socio-Economic Factors in the Belgian Part of the North Sea. 1. The use of Mathematical Models for Estimating Oil Pollution Damage at Sea; Serge Scory. 2. Socio-economic Value of the Human Activities in the Marine Environment: the Belgian Case; Fanny Douvere.
<P>Frank Maes is professor of Public International Law, in particular International Environmental Law at Ghent University (Belgium) and research director at the Maritime Institute of Ghent University. He is mainly involved in the co-ordination and promotion of research projects on the protection of seas and oceans, fresh water legislation, climate change and sustainable development. He is also frequently acting as advisor to governments and non-governmental organizations on aspects of international environmental law.</P>
<p>Multdisciplinary nature</p><p>Pictures the assessment of long term effects of hazardous substances released into the marine environment by means of models</p><p>Shows how economical evaluation tools can be used to estimate ecological damage to the marine environment</p><p>Looks at the potentials and constraints to recover environmental/ecological damage through liability regimes and compensation funds</p>

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