von: Brent LaPorte

11,99 €

Verlag: ECW Press
Format: EPUB, PDF
Veröffentl.: 01.06.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781773056579
Sprache: englisch

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'For readers of Alan Cumming s Not My Father s Son comes a heart-wrenching memoir that interrogates an abusive father and his dark legacy.Children who experience physical, mental, and emotional trauma at the hands of a parent often grow into adults who suffer from mental illness and find it difficult to build lasting, healthy relationships. Some find it impossible to integrate into society and are constantly searching for the love and approval that they never received as a child. The abuse impacts all aspects of the survivor s life.In his new memoir, Brent LaPorte asks his dead father questions that will never be answered. Unatoned not only explores the dark nature of LaPorte s father, but the darkness that has, at times, enveloped him, too. In confronting life choices that have hurt those around him, he asks: is it possible to break the cycle of a violent, alcoholic family history and live a life that is productive, loving and, above all, happy?I

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