Cycling and Motorcycling Tourism

Cycling and Motorcycling Tourism

An Analysis of Physical, Sensory, Social, and Emotional Features of Journey Experiences
Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management

von: Anna Scuttari

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Veröffentl.: 01.06.2019
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This book explores the understanding, description, and measurement of the physical, sensory, social, and emotional features of motorcycle and bicycle journey experiences in tourism. Novel insights are presented from an original case study of these forms of tourism in the Sella Pass, a panoramic road close to the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. A comprehensive mixed-methods strategy was employed for this research, with concurrent use of quantitative and qualitative methods including documentation and secondary data analysis, mobile video ethnography, and emotion measurement. The aim was to create a holistic knowledge of the features of journey experiences and a new definition of the mobility space as a perceptual space. The book is significant in that it is among the first studies to explore the concept of journey experiences and to develop an interdisciplinary theoretical foundation of mobility spaces. It offers a comprehensive understanding and a benchmarking of the features of motorcycling and cycling journey experiences, a deeper market knowledge on motorcycling and cycling tourists, and a set of tools, techniques, and recommendations for future research on tourist experiences.
1 Introduction.- 2 Tourist mobility as an experience maker: understanding the blank space.- 3 Methodology.- 4 Results: Physical, sensory, social and emotional features of journey experiences.- 5 Results: Selected individual journey experiences.- 6 Discussion and conclusion.- 7 Outlook.- Appendix.
Anna Scuttari is a senior researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies of Eurac Research, Italy. She obtained a doctoral degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt in Germany. Her areas of expertise include sustainable transport and mobility, consumer behaviour, emotion and experience in tourism, destination management and governance, and regional development.

Analyzes the physical, sensory, social, and emotional features of motorcycle and bicycle journey experiences in tourism
Explores the concept of journey experiences in tourism
Introduces the use of affective science in tourism research
Uses innovative methodologies to measure experiences

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