Comets in the 21st Century

Comets in the 21st Century

A Personal Guide to Experiencing the Next Great Comet!
IOP Concise Physics

von: Daniel C Boice, Thomas Hockey

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Verlag: Morgan & Claypool Publishers
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Veröffentl.: 25.04.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9781643274454
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<p><b>Have you ever seen a comet? It is a marvelous experience, one that all humans can share, that spawns a deep yearning to understand the spectacle.</b></p>
<p>Have you ever wondered what comets are and why astronomers spend so much time studying them? Now, a comet expert and an astronomical historian have come together to produce the unique book that you now hold in your hands. Using their several decades of teaching experience, the authors have concisely presented the information you need to comprehend these majestic apparitions that grace our night skies. No mathematical proficiency is needed, in fact, this book doesn't contain a single equation!</p>
<p>Comets are cosmic Rosetta stones, bridging our current knowledge by digging back to the earliest days of our Solar Systems. How did life arise on Earth? Did comets play a significant role in bringing water and the necessary organic matter to our early Earth? How about the dinosaurs? Were they driven to extinction by a cometary impact 66 million years ago? Comets may be both the enablers and destroyers of life on Earth as we know it. These are some of the tantalizing questions discussed here.</p>
<p>If you so desire, steps are given to join the ranks of amateur comet hunters. Astronomy is one of the last sciences where amateurs play a significant role. Your reward for discovery? A comet officially bearing your name in the history books! The next Great Comet is on its way, we just do not know when it will arrive. Armed with this book, you will be ready to enjoy this unforgettable event.</p>
<li>Author biographies</li>
<li>Roller-coaster comets</li>
<li>What comets are all about</li>
<li>Comet crashes</li>
<li>Observing comets</li>
<li>Hunting comets</li>

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