Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Made for Him

von: Antonette Smith

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Verlag: Page Publishing Inc
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 30.10.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9781645845560
Sprache: englisch
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<p>Made for Him (God Uniquely Made Me for My Husband) is the fifth and final book of the behind-the-scene book series. Sequel to the "real Antonette come forth" book series, Made for Him is about God making and molding me for one special man—how he built me out of the rib he took from my husband. God, my father Jehovah, made me with his hands. He gave me the hips, lips, brains, and butt that my husband would love. When he sees me, his response will be wow. That's why we are called women. That's a joke I like to think Adam was amazed when he awoke and saw Eve. All he could say was wow. I am a firm believer that men are captured by what they see first. First, their eyes then their heart follows. But God equipped me to be a helpmeet to one man in particular, not two or three. I was made to help my husband, my king fulfill his destiny—our destiny. I am loaded with skill, talent, ability, thought, plan, and strategy to come alongside and help my husband. The lie has been told for years that behind every good man is a good woman. I tend to think beside every great man is a great woman. God took us from his side, not his back; God placed us to walk at his left side, not in front of him. We are to our husband what the Holy Spirit is to us—sent to help alongside us. That's his function, to come alongside us to help us, never to take over, but to assist, to aide, and to share in the work. So sit back and enjoy how I was designed to help my king. By the time this book releases, he would have found me, because now I can honestly say I am ready to be joined to my king, my pillar, my husband. You are a treasure. Something found on the surface is not worth much. It has very little value because it was easy to find. You have to dig deep to find gold. To find a treasure, gold is a treasure. You have to do a ton of research, a ton of work, a ton of labor just to find the right place, the right area of the gold to even begin to dig. You have to put in a lot of supplications to the Lord, a lot of laboring in prayer with the Lord, a lot of questions with the Lord, a lot of time in the face of the Lord. You are a treasure to me; you are gold to me. God has prepared you for me. God has made you for me. I said, "God you made this woman just for me?" He said, "Yes. you are my gold." Gold when found has to be processed—it has to be refined. The process of refining is hot. Refining is the most critical time. You are gold. God had to process you. God was refining you just for me. Thank you for not turning back. You stayed focus and still focus. You had to be tried with fire to be proven. God has to prove you before he can use you. God has made you a channel of blessings to many generations. Revelations to revelations, glory to glory, faith to faith. Thank God, I found you my queen, my woman, my treasure. I was captivated the first time I saw your picture, and when I read your words, my heart was arrested and I was consumed by the love of God in your eyes and Jesus in your smile. I said, "My God, this is her—my queen." I have found you. You are my last bus stop! —Oluwagbemiga David Olusola—my king, my love, my friend, my pillar, my husband. Lagos, Nigeria   </p>

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