Creativity, Imagination And Innovation: Perspectives And Inspirational Stories

Creativity, Imagination And Innovation: Perspectives And Inspirational Stories

von: Pavie Xavier Pavie

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Verlag: World Scientific Publishing
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Veröffentl.: 12.09.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9789813273030
Sprache: englisch
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'All power to the imagination' is a famous slogan. This book confirms it is much more than just a slogan, showing how imagination can, in no uncertain way, be a reality. Some 40 outstanding personalities share their insights on their relationship with imagination in their respective fields of study. An astronaut, a philosopher, an environmental activist, a mathematician, an anthropologist, an actor, an astrophysicist, and even a singer - all share how they managed to unlock the power of their imagination to achieve extra-ordinary things.This book is the collective work of men and women from wide-ranging backgrounds, each of whom has contributed to the advancement of our society, making this world more beautiful, just and humane through the power of their imagination. This is the first time an anthology has brought together the thoughts of such prestigious and world-renowned personalities. Through these unique, disruptive, powerful, energizing, often touching, and always very personal testimonies, this book seeks to offer inspiration for each and all of us, so that we too, can find the path to our own imagination.Whether French, Chinese, English, Swiss, Canadian, American, Irish, Belgian, Danish, Algerian or Singaporean, these 40 thought-leaders share their vision of imagination through their personal journey and experience. They do not try to show us the path we must take, but rather invite us to follow our own. The diversity of the backgrounds and expertise of these world-renowned experts is what gives this mosaic of inspirational texts its rich meaning, a diversity which serves to underline what all these journeys and experiences have in common: how essential imagination is in building the society of tomorrow.This anthology is edited by Xavier PAVIE, Professor at ESSEC Business School, Director of the iMagination Center, and Research Associate at the Research Institute in Philosophy of the University of Paris Nanterre (IREPH).

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